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    Debbie R.
    We have been using Professionals’ Choice Housekeeping for many years. We trust their staff and have never had any issues with theft of any kind. They provide all of the equipment and cleaning supplies and always perform the services for which I have contracted them. I am well pleased with the services they provide and love coming home to a clean, fresh smelling home.read and you want to appeal to them all.
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    Becky K.
    We have used Professional Choice for many years now. I love that the three ladies that come each week are usually the same ones, and they all speak English. We have kids and dogs, and they work around them great. I have recommended them to many friends who are using them today.
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    Ronna L.
    I have been using professionals choice for many years now and love this service. I have always felt very comfortable with the ladies and trust them with my house. I know what I clean and what they have to be doing because it’s clean! A big thank you to all the hard working ladies ,, you are one of my guilty pleasures! Keep up the good work!
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    Heather D.
    Good housekeeping service for a reasonable price. Upon initiating service, I spoke with the owner Julia and she was very accommodating about tailoring the housecleaning services to my needs and quoted a fair price for the biweekly service. The ladies arrive as scheduled, provide a thorough cleaning of the house, and are always very friendly. I recommend PCH for good service at a good price.
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    Wilma S.
    I have only used this service a short time but so far they are on time arriving and from what I have observed, they do a pretty thorough job of cleaning. They clean my fans, dust and vacuum all the furniture and carpets. They clean the inside windows and the patio door. There are two to three women and they get the job done in good time. I am satisfied with their services and will continue to have them clean my home.
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    Robert O.
    Since I have bought my house, I have gone through 3 cleaning services, I would guess mostly cause I am super anal in the way I want my house cleaned. The reason I use Professionals’ Choice is because they do 1 main thing that the other companies I have experience with won’t which is cleaning up after my kids before they clean. We have 2 young boys(2,7) and they leave their toys everywhere when they finish playing with them and the cleaners with PCH actually pick them up and put them in the toy boxes then clean their rooms and playroom. For those of you who have kids and other cleaning services, you know this is awesome as every other company I have used will actually not clean the room if toys are covering the floor or they will just push them into a big pile or clean around them. I used to have to remember to pick up the kids room the night before the cleaning service would come so it really didn’t make the service much worth it to me. They also clean the house nicely so all in all they do the job I am looking for!
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    Teresa F.
    I have used several cleaning companies over many years, but Professional Choice has always done a great job cleaning the house. Usually 2-3 women come and they always have a leader I can discuss any of my peculiarities with. :) Their office sends an email reminder with my invoice every month the day before the ladies are due to clean. The office staff is very friendly as well. I would highly recommend Professional Choice.
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    Jessica N.
    I have been using Professional’s Choice a few times a year since 2008. This is my 4th home to purchase and I was terrified of the cost to clean it, since we doubled in square footage, but the cost BARELY went up! I am now on a regular cleaning schedule, and I cannot wait until they come next. They bring their own supplies, which I love, because I’m not scurrying around the night before, making sure that I am stocked up on supplies. It is worth every penny to come home to such a clean, fresh home, and getting to spend more quality time with my family.